HPHS Focus On The Arts 2011

Photography By:
Lead: Sam Levitan / Sam Levitan Photography
Parent Volunteers: Abby Brooks, Becky Chodes, Cyndy Benjamin, Carol Carl, Cheryl Segal, David Solomon, Julie Abt, Joni Friedman, Karen Sutker, Robin Nasaitir, Robin Subar, and Victoria Mecklenburger
Student Volunteers: Ben Heller, Christopher Delk, Chloe Lieske, Dustin Perlmutter, Ethan Senser, Hannah Dresdner, Kayla Chapman, Katherine Strashnov, Lauren Annes, and Madeline Stone
Junior Apprentice: Sam Subar
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A brief note about credit lines:

All of my team worked very hard to cover FOCUS 2011 at an unprecidented level. If the images are used, they all deserve proper credit wherever possible. To identify who shot which image, their names have been embedded in the metadata of the file, and their initials included in the filenames. Below is a table of everyone's initials and matching preferred credit lines.

SCL: Sam Levitan Photography - www.samlevitan.com

AB : Abby Brooks
BC : Becky Chodes
BH : Ben Heller, Highland Park High School
CB : Cyndy Benjamin
CC : Carol Carl
CD : Christopher Delk, Highland Park High School
CL : Chloe Lieske, Highland Park High School
CS : Cheryl Segal
DP : Dustin Perlmutter, Highland Park High School
DS : David Solomon
ES : Ethan Senser, Highland Park High School
HD : Hannah Dresdner, Highland Park High School
JA : Julie Abt
JF : Joni Friedman
KC : Kayla Chapman, Highland Park High School
KSt : Katherine Strashnov, Highland Park High School
KSu : Karen Sutker
LA : Lauren Annes, Highland Park High School
MS : Madeline Stone, Highland Park High School
RN : Robin Nasaitir
RS : Robin Subar Lifestyle Photography
SS : Sam Subar
VM : Victoria Mecklenburger