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My grandma says that I'm "such a good boy." I'm not entirely sure what I did, but perhaps she believes this because I try to emulate my grandfather. He was the mensch's mensch. He was a patient man who treated people with dignity and respect. He listened more that he spoke, and when he did speak, he had a dry wit that was crisp and refreshing. He was shy, but had a quiet confidence about him that I can only aspire to posess.

I believe in treating my clients a little bit like family. I listen, and I get the job done to the best of my ability, while respecting the fact that my clients and subjects often have things more important to do than have me pester them with my cameras and lights. I move fast, and do my best to ask all of my questions before the shoot, so things move smoothly.

I keep an eye on the world with a sense of humor and a sense of humility. The world is a funny place, and I love it's idiosyncrasies and I am humbled when I have the opportunity to capture it's fleeting moments with my camera.

After six years on Long Island, I've recently relocated to the Baltimore/DC metro area. I've been following the one thing that matters more to me than my photography, my true passion and my true love, my wife, Lindsey. I've been enjoying making the East Coast our home, but as a native Chicagoan in the land of "soda", I still miss my "pop."

I'm learning. Let's learn together while making pictures. Find out why my grandma thinks I'm "such a good boy."

photo by brian rootberg

Sam Levitan Photography Sam Levitan Photography Sam Levitan Photography Sam Levitan Photography
Sam Levitan Photography
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